Maintenance service for commercial properties
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Maintenance service for commercial properties

Maintenance Service for Commercial Properties

Straight-Line offers developers and property management companies many options to make their clients transitions as smooth as possible. We understand that client’s requests can be demanding and schedules our fierce and the client is the number one can offer you a complete on time build-out at the most cost-effective price.  Most of our developer and property management client’s construction is done in-house to keep costs low and provide quality service at an extremely competitive price.

Services include:

  • Constructing “Vanilla Shells” from new or existing spaces
  • Build-out tenant’s spaces to franchise or owner’s specifications
  • Build-out landlord’s obligation to the tenant
  • Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services
  • Tenant updates or expansions for their growing business


If you have any questions on your Tenant Improvement or our Property
Management Services Call Rick or Brian at SLBS today at 208-409-6090