Completed Projects

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SLBS Jobs 2020

Cole Village Phase 2
Fleet Street
Money Tree State Street
West Airport Industrial Park Building C
West Airport Industrial Park Building D
Franklin Center
Maple Tree Vanilla TI
Grid Manufacturing Corp
SICHA Owyhee Manor Homedale #14
River Business Center
Sentry Management
The Teff Company
Partners Insulation
SICHA Owyhee Manor Homedale #8
Good Nutrition
Impact Group
Global Machinery
Five Mile Plaza
401 West Front Street
3045 Denver Way
Spectrum Pointe
Quest Diagnostics Meridian
12554 Bridger
Clear Eye Optometric Care
2153 Centurion Way
University Plaza 5th Floor
Turf Equipment Agronomics
Ahrens DeAngeli Law Group
Franklin Retail Center
Hanger at Aviation Way

SLBS Jobs 2019

1117 Winding Creek
Gary Amoth Trucking
Legacy Insurance
Post Office Cole Village
Money Tree TI, Boise
West Airport Building A #106 & #108
Quest Diagnostics, Nampa
1201 Winding Creek
Hancock Fabrics Abatement
Fred Meyers Federal Way, Repair
Bastian Vandal Lane
7950 Horseshoe Road Trash Enclosure
Capital Gateway Sidewalk Repairs
Trash Enclosure Projects 2019
Ashwood Recovery
Exchange Mailbox Repair
Mahoney Law Office TI
Rob Link State Farm, Phase I & II
4320 Challenger
Sun West Bank, Eagle
Razzle Dazzle
IDHW-Westgate TI
Norwood Plaza TI
700 Redstone
300 Mallard Suite 140
1854 Lanark
Zamp Suites #100 & #102
Westgate Asphalt Repair
Capital Gateway Sheetrock Repairs
Emerald West Water Damager Repairs
Ship Zoom!
Compass Charter New School
WAIP Building B TI’s
Money Tree State Street Repairs
Greystone Building Suite 350
Pioneer Title
On the Spot Cleaners
IDEXX Laboratories
Eagle Clock Tower
Kimball At SPF
Lockaway Storage Fence
Choclolat Bar Downtown
Money Tree 12th Avenue Repairs
Coldwell Bankers
Olympus Building Hinge Repairs
Maple Tree Vanilla Suite Collison
Owyhee Plaza Maintenance
Capital Gateway Exterior
Intracon Suite 840
USPS Boise
Compass Charter Tech Lane Meridian
Family Center Repairs
Idaho First Bank
Sorenson Communications
1059 Iron Eagle
Anchorpoint Alta Building
1170 Taylor Repair
Executive Goose-Be-Gone
Fleet Street, Commerce Ave
VA at One Front Building TI
CW Moore 3rd Floor Fire Alarm
Guild Mortgage Capital Gateway
Century Link Asphalt Repair
512 Idaho Street
Street Sounds
Office of the Solicitor TI
WH Pacific, Industry Way
PG Long Flooring
Chigbrow CW Moore
McCall Liquor Store TI
Northwest Lineman College
Spectrum Point
Quest Diagnostics, Boise
Midtown Spectrum
Fast Enterprises
Challenger Spec Building
Compass Charter Cherry Lane Repairs
El-Ada 2019
Maple Tree Plaza Property Management 2019
Boeing Building 2019
ICON Credit Union 2019
APEX 3rd Floor Lake Point Plaza
Guild Mortgage Eagle Road
BLDG 709, Suite 160 Riverpark
Rugby Expansion
Fast Enterprises
Apex at CW Moore
Talus at Silverstone
Office of the Solicitor
617 Riverpark
Crooked Crown Orchard Pointe Hair Salon
1717 E Chisholm
1524 Freedom Avenue Caldwell
Stonebridge Business Park

SLBS Jobs 2018

El-Ada January – December
Ashwood Recovery Property Management
NorthPoint Recovery USTICK Property Management
Maple Tree Plaza Property Management
Boeing Building
Burkhart Dental
C1 Design
Express Laundry Center
Guild Mortgage
Hops and Bottles
Bamboo Spa
Owyhee Manor II Homedale
Royal Jay
1763 Marcon Gate Repair
Humane Society Gate Repair
Cator Ruma ML2W Group
Downtown Storage Flooring
Bardenay Epoxy
Life Line Floor
WCF Insurance
Pinnacle Building Repairs
Watertower Tile Repair
Eaton TI
Money Tree Garden City
Happy Family Brans
Geico Insurance
DB Schenker Egress Lockset
Adelman Building Elevator
1070 Curtis Windows Part 2
SICHA Homedale 13
Kanak Attack
Copperpoint Suite 209
Olympus Building, Suite 210
ICON Credit Union
Eagle Clock Tower
Apollo Building, Suite 110
Coles Reinstein
ICON Property Maintenance
Golden Trout Door Repair
Frasier Transport Door
Tesla Charging Station
Redstone 700 Sidewalk
TEL Wall
1201Winding Creek
Compass Charter High
LakePointe, Suite 130 / 140
ABF Freight
Vanilla Space 6800 Fairview
Potter Wines
Ustick Market Place Self Storage
Franklin Umbria Hills Self-Storage
Caldwell Health and Welfare
Compass Cherry Lane Restroom
St. Mary’s
BBB Explorer Pointe
Lake Pointe
Nampa Greenhurst Carpet
1919 State Street Building
Taylor Commerce BLD 1120
Taylor Commerce BLD 1130
Ashwood Recovery 2
Pacific Office Automation
Owyhee Manor 1 #3 Homedale
12000 Executive Concrete Repairs
Fairway Mortgage PTO
Quest Diagnostics
SFP 5 Mile
Westgate Shopping Center Demo
1st Federal
1661 Shoreline
Fairview Milwaukee Paint
Panda Express Site Repairs
1445 Commerce
Paul Mitchell Nampa Stainless
Boise School District STEP
Holly Plaza – Nampa
Main Street Door Pineapple Express
Rock Placement Company
Coles Reinstein TI
1401 Shoreline Dr. Suite 100
Ten Mile McMillian Dumpster
Mister Car Wash Nampa
537 Bannock Boise
Money Tree #32
700 E State Street
West Airport Industrial Park
University Plaza Drywall Repair – Alta Bldg
USPS Cole Village Door
Willis Chiro 1570 E Heritage Suite 175
BOI Elder Building Concrete
1110 Jefferson Bike Shop
Eagle Clock Tower Repairs
Norwood Plaza, Suite 122-124
9999 W Emerald ADI
Tara’s Closet at 7500 Westgate
Redstone Back flows
Ram Plaza
Stucco Repairs Family Center
1661 Shoreline
216 W 38th Street, Suite D
Ceiling Tile Replacement
1211 W Myrtle
Emma’s brook
Royal Jay Wall Repair
Bridger II Sidewalk
12th and GHST
Northpointe Retail
3023 Copper Point Door Repair
Teresa Silver
BSU TI University Plaza
917 Lusk Street Boise REFACE
Melinda Kaserman Chandlee Bldg.
1717 Chisholm Drive
Whittier Elementary School
Compass Charter Restroom Repairs
1445 Commerce
JCI Boise
Columbia Bus A Sidewalks
3501 Owyhee
6540 Norwood Suite 100
Toslma 527 W McGregor
Idaho Physical Medicine & Rehab
Knife River
Pacific Office Automation II
Lost River Wellness 1919 State Street
501 Scenery
303 Kimball
Golden Trout Door Repair
300 Mallard gate Repair
Rugby Expansion
Southside Station POD Repair
Coastline Equipment
Guild Mortgage Capital Gateway
Suite 201 Owyhee Park Plaza
Fred Meyers Cement Repairs
Blimpies Store 10603 Cassia
Blimpies 10610 12th Ave Store
300 Mallard Suite 100 Vanilla
Vandal Vanilla TI
Redstone Suite 160
Waxie Space
South Cole Building A Demo Suite 130
Impact Radio Group
Community Action
Dumpster Projects
Capital Gateway Common Area & Restrooms
Freedom Speck Building
2240 Samantha Ct Docks
NorthPoint Admin Building
300 Mallard, Suite 130
Oracle TI at CW Moore
3501 S Owyhee Street
Benjamin Plaza
4865 North Ten Mile
1st Federal
Allied Envelope

SLBS Jobs 2017

El-Ada January – December
Ashwood Recovery Property Management
North Point Recovery Ustick Property Management
DB Schenker Property Management
City of Middleton TI
Castle Cooke mortgage
Payette Senior Center Auto Openers
Maple Tree Plaza
T&A Paint
ACHD Broom Shop
Golden Trout Exit Device
Papa Murphy’s Canopy
62 Degrees
Compass Charter Elementary School Water Damage
Maple Tree Plaza Water Damage
211 Logan Water Damage
Compass Charter High School Water Damage
Adelman Water Damage
Airport Water Damage
Taylor Commerce Park Water Damage
Redstone Snow Removal
Ada West Dermatology
Westgate Plaza Patio Roof
WDS Ceiling
NPSC Window Tinting
ACHD Cloverdale Door
Fairview Pavilion
Lake Point Symphony EYC
Eagle Industrial Site Work
Airport Center IDHW Wall Repair
Street Sounds
Leap Fox
Quick Wok
Ada West Bollards
211 Logan Door Repair
IDHW Water Damage 2585 Caldwell Blvd
Premier Building
Adelman Curtains
Mister Carwash Nampa
Connections Credit union
Norwood 2
368 Steelhead Stairs
Maple Tree Plaza Property Management
Boeing Building Property Management
State and Bloom Monument Sign
Allied Envelope Dock Repair
Aaron Brothers 8108 W Emerald
Ernest Packaging
Alloway Lighting TI
Blvd Plaza Suite #106
1070 Curtis Lobby Tile
5th Ave Plaza Access Panel
Olympus Building
Textbook Exchange
41st Restroom Office
Karcher Crossing
Outpak Cole Industrial Center
Flex Space Water Damage
South Cole Suite 120
Adelman Roof Access
Cole Village Post Office
El-Ada main Office Water Damage
Chase Building 2nd Floor
Mercato Signage
Lake Point picture hanging
Business Interiors of Idaho Dock Repair
1401 Shoreline Tile
6887 Fairview Monument Sign
Zeppole’s Bakery
303 Kimball
White Tail Sound Wall
Bridger Building 2
Bridger Building 3
1150 Paving
Champion Fitness
Money Tree
Majestic Park
Collage Hunks Who Move Junk
1081 Exchange
CW Moore
10548 Grease Trap
Mountain West IRA
Compass Charter Elementary Gym Floor
Teresa Silver
641 Redstone Shadow Trackers
Apollo Repairs
Daycare Repairs
Paul Mitchell Boise
1150 OHD Repair
Lake Point Suite 140 Demo
University Plaza
Alta Building Sidewalk Repair
3991 Hearst
Money Tree #32
179 SW 5th St
ACHD Truss Repair
520 Meridian Vanilla
Emerson House
Marine Corp Store Front
ACHD Racking Install
Holly Center Repairs
Premier Product Management
1287 Boeing VA
Boise Airport Elder Buildings
Stairs at DHW
Ashwood Recovery Carpet and Restroom
FSNS maintenance
East Chicago Business Park
Sally beauty Sign
BDI 2772 S Cole Rd Suite 103
211 Logan Low Voltage Wire
Reich & Walner
Spring Point
Majestic Plaza Gates
Fedway Demising
Chinden Lockaway
Depuy Synthes
Bavaria Sidewalks
Ram Plaza Dumpster
Steelhead OHD
Copper Point Suite 203
Allied Envelope Door Repair
Shige Sushi Restaurant
Kim Reid
Deliberate Directions TI
Exchange Exterior Paint
1755 Westgate Plaza
Flex Space Suite 6111
Norwood Suite 112 Carpet
Copper Point Suite 104
Kokusai TI
Carollo Alta Building
Norwood Suite 116
Columbia Business Center Paint
SICHA House Re-Build
Holly Center Plaza
SICHA Marsing Gutter
Owyhee Manor 1 SICHA
All About Sports Repair
River Business Center
Trek Bike Shop
GSA MSHA Mine & Safety
62 Degrees Sign
Gorilla Life
Mister Car Wash Nampa
Eagle Industrial
FSNS Monument Sign Power
Fast TI Olympus Suite 100 TI
Industry Vanilla Suite 800
Central Paving OHD
Maple Tree Plaza
Boise Airport IDHW Commons
Stonebridge Building
2772 S Cole Suite 340
Fairview Milwaukee
Fleet Pride
Big Smoke Handrail
Duplex Attic
3023 Copper Point Doors
Fedway 4 Cintas
Bridger II Suite 122
300 Steelhead
Premier Title One Suite 120
AAOB St Mary’s Crossing
6074 Discovery Way
7557 Mossy Cup
The Helmstar Group
Bear Marketing
Boulevard Plaza Suite 106
DOC Rifleman
Cole Village Post Office
Jimmy Johns Concrete
CAP Gate 1 Concrete
Westgate Shopping Center Demo
Next Scan
Body Sculpture Plus
Lotus Vaping
Copper Point Closers
499 Main Street
Shadeworks Paint
Cole Village, Post Office
300 Mallard, Suite 300
CSL Plasma
CTI Foods
Castlebury Business Park
Nampa Dumas Fire Riser Room
PG Long Flooring
Downtown Storage
Golden Trout Door
Bailey Peek
Bridger II Sidewalk, Suite 120
300 Mallard Exterior Tile Repair
5226 Chinden Wine Bar
300 Mallard Glass Hardware
Mercato Plaza
640 Sidewalk
Bobby Cooney Asphalt Driveway
1070 Curtis Windows
Money Tree #7
HR Block
Suite 301 at CW Moore
Ship Zoom Dock

SLBS Jobs 2016

El-Ada January – December
Pre-Fab Building 3303 Caldwell Blvd
Boise Fire Station #10
SICHA Middleton
CWM Plaza Doors
TAOS White Tail TI
Mygrant Glass
6149 Coporal Door Repair
The Dapper Dog
ACHD Sweeper Shop Door
Frasier Transport Expansion
Middleton Trolley Station
Middleton Roadside Rest Stop
Idaho Fitness Factory
Ada West Prof Center Repairs
Golden Trout Floor Boxes
Capital River Business Center
Xerox Demo
303 Kimball Call Center Carpet
Boulevard Plaza
Little Mouse House
Water Ski Pro Shop
St Lukes Summersweet
West Gate Plaza Training Center
ABM Janitorial
Central Park BLD A Suite 120 Vanilla
Fifth Ave Plaza
Ashwood Recovery
North Point Recovery
Spectrum Point Dumpster
Clock Tower
Boise City Hall Remodel Utility TI
DB Schenker
Eagle Industrial 1784 E State St
HD Supply Exterior
South Cole Business Center
Eagle Capital
T-Mobile Demo
Greenhurst Plaza Door
Hood Relocation
General Parts
Steelhead Stair Repair
ACHD Sweeper Shop Door #2
Logger Creek
Zee’s Café
Cole Village Post Office
Bobby House Part III
640 Redstone
Stonebridge Building
SPF Water Engineers
Lake Point Plaza
Ram Plaza Money Tree Store Front
Chandlee Building
Suite 106 Caldwell
Ponderosa III
Polaris Learning
Flex Nutrition
5275 Fairview
503 and 605 41st St Buildings
2419 E Chicago Street TI Henson Drydock
SICHA Council
Boise Fry Company
ACHD Cloverdale Door
2150 Fairview
Chinden Lockaway
Ustick Vanilla
Sarah’s Bagels
Emma brook Ceiling
Taylor Commerce Park Snow Cleats
SICHA Homedale
Dennis Dillon
1190 River St
Boeing Buildings
My Hearing Center
Golden Trout Door
Ship Zoom
ISLD McCall Liquor Store
Maple Tree Wall Damage
Republic Services OHD
Midtown Spectrum
2759 S Cole Suite 140
Old 9 Round Kickboxing
8th Floor CWM Building
Ponderosa III Site
Copper Point Suite 201
Riverside Trailers
6148 N Discovery Way Roof
Compass Charter High School
Window World
Flex Workspace
9999 W Emerald
US Ecology
10697 Ustick Road
Fremont Dumpster
Fellers Wrap
Mister Carwash
AT&T at Bridger
Paul Mitchell Boise
Treasure Valley IT
Westgate Plaza Corvel Corp Suite 210
Benjamin Plaza
Chinden Concrete
Copper Point Suite 206
Idaho Lottery
300 Myrtle Roof Ladder
700 E State Street
Steven Henagar Windows
2240 S Cole handrail
Westside Kimball
Blvd Stucco
Senior Center new Plymouth
Boise Speech and Hearing
12000 Executive
12433 W Executive
Logger Creek Suite 130
1447 N Milwaukee
Paul Mitchell Nampa
Vanilla TI 3351 Five mile
SICHA Homedale #2
Alta Suite 100
SICHA Roof Cascade
Fremont Building
Boise Aquarium
Westgate Elevator
SICHA McCall Rehab
Majestic market Place
State and Bloom
PenDack Nutrition
Curtis Dental Center Dr Steel
Food Safety Net Services
Elder Buildings
3023 Copper Point
Chinden Business Center Fence
Chinden Business Center Paint
Window World Dock Plate
3315 Caldwell Detached Shop
Holly Shopping Center
Ada West Stucco
Bobby House Part IIII
Golden Trout
Metro PCS
Lake Pointe Plaza 3rd Floor
Boise Contemporary Theater
Maple Tree Plaza
300 Steelhead
Plaza 7
Sherwin Williams
Wear Concrete
Flex Space
On the Spot Cleaners
DB Schenker Property Management
Copper Point Suite 202
Water Tower Concrete
Milwaukee Plaza
RGIS TI 6025 W Clinton
Redstone Maintenance
SICHA Marsing
Pizza Hut Nampa
AAA Expansion TI
American Petro OHD
Golden Trout
Flex Work Space Restroom
Rugby Men’s Restroom
Steven Henagar Windows 2
1507 Milwaukee
Idaho Department Health & Welfare
Bobby Duplex
6550 Emerald St Norwood
Affordable Storage
1401 Shoreline
Fedway Dumpsters
5th Ave Plaza
12592 Explorer Repair
Medical TI 211 Logan
1065 Exchange Bollards
Post Office Ballards

SLBS Jobs 2015

El-Ada January – December
HD Supply
ACHD Fire Sprinkler Fire Alarm Systems Upgrade
Mobile Modular OHD
State Farm Paint Repairs
Adelman Alley
Paul Mitchell TI
Cradle Point Expansion
University Plaza Therapeutic
Bobby House Part II
New Horizons Repairs
Lock Away Storage Mold Rehab
Merchants metals Window
South Cole building C
Nampa Fleet Services
Fedway 1
Boise Small Engine Covers, Shed, Fence
Compass Charter Kitchen
ACHD Auditorium
509 McGregor
Joes House
Canyon County Clubhouse
Sally Beauty
Cole Village CMU Repairs
SICHA Homedale 16
Vista Station
University Plaza Planter Box
Compass Charter School
A Better Pet
Allied Envelope
Fairview Milwaukee Maintenance
Ada West Professional Building
Money Tree Ram Plaza
Thomas Cuisine
Paul Mitchell Boise TI
West Gate Brick Repair
Milwaukee Fairview Smoke Damage
Barbarian Drywall Repair
Boise Fry Company Paint
Curtis Medical Plaza Drywall Repair
SICHA Homedale 9
TCP Building 1160
TCP Building 1170
Redstone Cabinets
Fedway 4 Bollards
Ram Plaza Gates
Fairview Milwaukee
Hemingway Building Lot 3
CM Moore Graffiti Removal
Cole Village Outpad
RHCW Restroom
North Point Extras
GMA maintenance
5 Mile Warehouse Gas Repairs
Xerox Call Center
Tarter Family medicine
Dept of Interior
Adelman Security Gate
Vapor Shop El Dorado
Ernest Packing
McCall Window Project
ISLD Cole Village
Castlebury Gate Repair
State Farm Paint
Sawyer Building
Nampa Streets Office Remodel
MeKong Noodle Paint
Allied Envelope Dock Repair
Royal Jay Wall
R-Factor Opening
Shadow Butte School
Orchard Point Hand Rail
Department of Health & Welfare Improvements
Westgate Plaza Suite 135 IDHW
Westgate Plaza Suite 120 and 125 IDHW
Best Bath Systems
R-Factor Demo
SICHA Cambridge Windows
West Coast Paper Soffit Repair
SICHA Payette Concrete
Re-Newed Hope
Bold Spirits
5419 N Eagle Rd Suite 160
Dept of Interior Health & Welfare Walls
Tastefull Sensations
Blue Sky Café
State Farm Insurance Southside
Summerset Ceiling Repair New Horizon
Dave Dupree Siding Repair
300 Steelhead
2137 Summersweet Drywall Repair
Ustick marketplace
HD Supply OHD Paint
Central Services Door Repair
Boulevard Door
Adelman Gate Closet
Habitat Vet Hospital
Spoiled Dog
Cole Rd Plaza Stairs
Suzy Q Closet Electrical
Fremont Phase I
Compass Charter CUP and Traffic Study
Money Tree Store Front Concrete
Pulse Running and Fitness Shop
Asian market
Xerox Call Center Ceiling Tile
CopperPoint Vanilla
SICHA Cambridge
Stucco Repairs
Affordable Storage
OFR 397 Steelhead
5242 Chinden Repairs
TOK Basement Lock

SLBS Jobs 2014

Boise City Hall IT Office Remodel
Grease Spot
El-Ada January – December
TNT Millwork
Ontrac TI
6929 Supply Way
622 Basement
Stanley Steamer
Farmers Insurance
UPS Store Insulation
Motorcycle Apparel
KCI Truss Repair
Scout Tech
Happy Feet Paint
Body Renew Paint Job
Control Systems & Design
Boeing 1100 Concrete Repair
Pole Barn Slab
Department Building Safety
DPW Renovation Bureau of Rec
Boise Steel Erectors
SLBS Office King Street
Bollards at 743 and 641 McGregor
Adelman Repair
Republic Services
CTA Prime
RoTech Roof Repair
Ardon Business Park TI
Eastman Residence
ACHD Doors
Corollo Engineering TI
Schindler Water Leak
Cradle Point TI
Raymand Handling Concepts TI
West Gate Plaza TI
Electrical Service at Five Mile Warehouse
Owyhee Manor Ada Rehab Homedale
Test Fit TI
GlennWood Suite 102
Patricks Millwork
Kimball Carpet Replacement
Republic Services Doors
Alta Building lobby
Fairview Milwaukee Soffit Repairs
IMX Pilates Drywall Repair
WSE Code Compliance
Nelson Residence
Compass Charter Classroom Mods
Syringa Court Boise
Edward Jones / Vanilla TI Nampa
Owyhee Manor Ada Rehab Marsing
Royal Jay TI
1000 Boeing Light Retro BLM
Newberry Restroom Remodel
Oak Tree Medical Inspection Report
My Fit Ram Plaza Demo
Five Mile Warehouse Ext Canopy
Egress Window 1712 23rd St
Boise Small Engine Repair
Idaho Dance Academy
1200 Boeing
High Desert Hardwood Column Repair
Meridian Market Place Cove Base
Patterson Door
COI Boise
US Post Office Column Repair
Farmers Insurance
Five Mile Docks and Seals
Leap A Head Bathroom
Datum Machining
Five Mile HVAC Replacements
Sommer Door Replacement
Law Office of Wendy M Powell
1070 Curtis Trash Gates
Bobby Cooney House
6147 Corporal Wall in-Fill
1776 E State St Eagle
Southside Station
Sams Locker
North Point Medical TI
R-Factor Dock Plate
1123 Exchange
Waterworks Lamson
875 McGregor paint
Ultimate Logistics OHD Modification
Andon 406 Mary K
Fairway Mortgage TI
2410 Hemingway TI
1107 Exchange
100 Cottonwood Repairs
Nampa Streets Remodel
641 McGregor #105
Chinden Wall Repair

SLBS Jobs 2013

Syringa Rehab
El-Ada January – December
Boise Fire Station #1
Boise City Library
214 Latah Window Replacement
ACHD Maintenance
Compass Charter Roof Repair
TCP Spec Building 1140
Red Headed Fin Flooring
Dance Allegro Carpet
TCP Spec Building 1150
Tenant Suite 120 for Pacific Home and Patio
Bernet Roofing Repair
Will Andersons Window
TCP Bird Netting Project
Barbara Morgan Elementary
Jane Knight Repairs
UPS Store
Knighton House
Linda Milot IGU Pages Windows
Keim Improvements
Badiola Improvements
BLM Building Column
LSIdaho 1077 Boeing
Boeing Building Repairs
Dollar Tree
X Pressions Dance Academy
Happy Feet Demo
Kimball Stucco Repair
11400 Executive
State Farm Store Front
Idaho Department Labor Floor Repair
1108 Sidewalk
1140 Fan Install
Ashwood Recovery Inspection
Ram Plaza
CrossFit Acclaim
Rotech TI
Ontrac Doc Ramps
Rock Placing Co
Café De Paris
Pulse Running Co
GMA Construction Office TI
Ashwood Recovery TI
Thunder Mountain Gold Demo
Crown Storage

SLBS Jobs 2012

El-Ada January – December
ACHD Shop Repair
Tominaga Water Damage
Gendler Water Damage Shower
Bill Re Roof Repair
AceCo Maintenance
Will Anderson Roof
Everett House (Viggers)
Shawn Davis Siding
Latah Window Job
Steelz TI
Gendler Water Damage Bath Tub
Green Brier
Nampa Rec Center
Ada County Court House
Coleen Roof Rebuild
Woodland Addition
Norco Door Prep
Buffington Flood
DownEast Basics Boise Town Center
Dance Allegro
ACHD Office TI
ACHD Counter Relocation
Autumn Gold 623 S Kimball
1479 W Oakhampton
Compass Charter Roofing
Latah Apartment Repair
Compass Charter Counter Top
ACHD Carpet Tile
Idaho Department of Transportation
Vanilla TI
Mattress TI
Oak Hampton
Cinnabar Rehab
El-Ada Paint Jobs
Bill Re Water Damage
Westenskow Roof
Guardian Survival TI
Kathy Chambers State Farm
ACHD File Office

SLBS Jobs 2011

Merchant and Metals TI Suite 110
El-Ada Windows January – December
Wild Bills BBQ
MWH Plan 3 Lot 46 Water Damage
ACHD Siding Repair
Snow Water Damage
Nates Res Door Install
Bill Re
Merchant Metals Site & Electrical
ACHD Drywall Repairs
CCI Head Start Remodel
Capital High School Admin Remodel
CCI Head Start Concrete Work
Shawn Davis Residential Remodel
Guerdun Homes
5242 Chinden Brewery
Maint Kiem Lan Nampa
Anderson Roof Repair
OH Door Emergency Repair
Atiken Res
Kiem Lane TI
Compass Charter Kitchen

SLBS Jobs 2010

El-Ada Windows January – December
Nate Residence
Taylor Commerce Pre Construction 2010
Kandid Kiddie
Taylor Suite 108 Floor Strip
CM Site Work Bayside Taylor
MWH Phase 3 General Conditions
MWH Plan 5 lot 39
MWH Plan 3 lot 46
MWH Plan 1 lot 57
Canyon County Sheriffs Booking Office
Triple F Development
MWH Plan 3 Lot 66
Canyon County Sheriffs Booking Sound Guard
Taylor Commerce Building II
Larry Whitaker
Cloverdale Funeral Home
ACHD Overhead Door Improvement
MWH Drafting Service
SLBS Office
Compass Charter Modular School Room

SLBS Jobs 2009

Pre Construction MWH Plan 5
Meadow West Homes Phase 2 GC
Meadow West Homes Lot 41 Plan 2
Meadow West Homes Lott 44 Plan 1
Meadow West Homes Lot 47 Plan 5
Idaho Historic Museum
Industrial 1 Units 101-102
Rustin Rose Room Addition
Kandid Kidde
Macron Overhead Door
Taylor Commerce TI
Stelling Residence
Jeff Harber House
Hyun April Kim House
El-Ada Windows September – December
Westpark III Survey
Taylor Commerce TI Building II
Taylor Commerce Park Phase 1 Site Work
Taylor Commerce Pre Construction
Taylor Commerce Restroom 106-108
Taylor Commerce Suite 106/108 Floor & Demo

SLBS Jobs 2008

Piney Creek Plaza
Compass Charter School Expansion
BTC Space 1019
Meadow West Homes
State Farm Rod Dearmond
Pre Construction Piney Creek Plaza
Pre Construction Meadow West Homes
General Conditions MWH 9150 Month
MWH Plan 1 Lot 49
MWH Plan 2 Lot 42 w/ 3rd Car Garage & Bonus
MWH Plan 2 Lot 48
PreCo Electronics
Finish Line Store #331